About MBPL

Macawber Beekay Pvt. Ltd.

Macawber Beekay was established in 1986. The company brought to India the technology of Densephase Pneumatic Conveying for transfer of bulk materials especially Dry Fly Ash. A dedicated and an efficient group, Macawber Beekay leads the industry in providing Dry Ash handling solutions throughout the power industry for solid fuel-fired boilers of size upto 800 MW.

Macawber Beekay has been providing complete turnkey solutions to power industries for complete Ash Handling Systems including bottom/fly ash handling, high concentration slurry disposal system, lean slurry disposal system, ash water recovery system, etc. and also Coal Handling System.

The sole aim of Macawber Beekay is to provide turnkey solutions to reduce environmental pollution with conservation of energy, to core Industries like Power, Cement, Alumina, Steel, Chemicals, Sugar, Paper, Foundry, etc. who face these problems while handling the bulk materials within the Plant.